Developing and maintaining a compelling content strategy and program mix for digital signage networks requires a different solution beyond that typically used for television or the web. It requires specialized expertise. Our MediaServices organization is our professional services consulting arm that specializes in media solutions for professional out-of-home media networks.
The MediaServices team has the knowledge and tools to optimize opportunities, drawing from decades of cumulative experience advising major agencies, brands and media companies.  We believe our knowledge is transferable to you and will help actualize your “Digital Vision”.  To engage discerning viewers out-of-home, content must be relevant, entertaining and actionable.  MediaServices provides the expertise to directly, or indirectly support a sustainable content strategy to yield real results.
Our solutions bring the best of your assets, re-formulated from their original content, together with the best information feeds.  By combining your vision together with Digital Signage Best Practices, your content can engage and enthrall viewers in the environment where the screen is located.  Our Composer™ solution, for example, can utilize RSS feeds to continually update content, creating a dynamic and relevant experience. 

While we believe efficiencies can be gained from prior knowledge, each individual customer requires unique focus and specialized support. MediaServices has built a unique portfolio of capabilities—and a talented team of Digital media experts—to help you optimize your network for maximum return. . We can do the work or coach the process, all using innovative tools, including:
Hott Pepper Platform Private Branded Portal.  The Hott Pepper Portal can now be branded with your company’s identity, creating your very own brand-name content delivery and management system. This is ideal when you need to   extend your brand visibility to all users involved with content management, regardless of their physical location.


Hott Pepper Platform An online Flash content generator is a Media Services exclusive.   Based on XML feeds and Adobe® Flash™ programming Composer makes it easy for your team to create and update content instantly.  Choose from an assortment of existing templates, or engage Media Services to build a portfolio of corporate templates to match your brand identity.
Hott Pepper Platform Media RSS Support. Choose from our standard dynamic content packages or engage MediaServices to create custom visual news, weather, sports event and other information feeds that can automatically change to match your viewing audience based on location of each display.

Digital signage applications are all about content. Whether it’s information, education or advertising, content is often the most critical factor in the success of a network. Content Services enable you to achieve your communication goals quickly and effectively. Hott Pepper Network Content Services can help you create or create for you the best possible content for your environment. Whether you need help creating a template, or want to have Hott Pepper Creative Team do all of the work, Hott Pepper Content Services will provide you with amazing results.

Hott Pepper Texting

Software System Features:
Customers subscribe to your text messaging list simply by sending a text containing your unique keyword(s) from their cell phone. You have the ability to import an existing list of phone numbers into our text messaging software. We help you build your subscriber database. Organize your subscribers into unlimited lists and groups. By sending a text message, customers can automatically unsubscribe from your mass texting list.
Track the time and date when customers sign up to collect demographic data and refocus your customer targeting. Send automatic customized text responses to customers when they join your text messaging list.

Hands-off Mobile Marketing: 
Schedule text messages to go out at specific dates and times.
Real-time SMS text messaging system delivers your messages to all major cell phone carriers including: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Alltell, US Cellular, Dobson Wireless, Midwest Wireless, Cricket, Cellular South, and others.

Customized Text Messaging & Mobile Marketing Solutions For Your Business:

Bars, Nightclubs, & Restaurants
We have made our name developing affordable and effective (SMS) text messaging promotions for bars, nightclubs, & restaurants.


Hott Pepper (SMS) text messaging software makes it easy to collect cell phone numbers and send promotional text messages to your retail customers. We offer customized solutions for car dealerships, golf courses, salons & spas, sports leagues, and theaters.


Extend your relationship with your readers beyond the page with our cell phone advertising and mobile marketing programs for magazines and publishing.

Enhance your listener relationships and generate new revenue streams with our (SMS) text messaging and mobile marketing programs for radio.

Offer your viewers interactive applications to compliment their viewing experience with our text messaging promotions for television.

Concert Promoters
Whether you need to quickly alert loyal customers about last-minute tickets, or you want to build buzz for recently announced shows, Club Texting offers affordable, effective (SMS) text messaging solutions for concert promoters.

Real Estate
Generate leads faster and more cost efficiently with (SMS) text messaging for real estate.

Direct Mail & Out-Of-Home
Customized SMS text messaging solutions for direct mail and out-of-home advertising firm.

Ad Content Specifications

Animation or Video
Video or Animated content should be provided in the following formats:
Windows Media
Adobe Flash

*Timeframe for the ad should be set for 10 seconds

Videos or Animations should be presented in 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of no less then 1280x720 pixels. If your Video is only available in 4:3 aspect ratios, our players will automatically scale up to 16:9. Some distortion of the image will occur when scaling up.  Maximum framerate should not exceed 29.9 frames per second.

Flash animations
All Flash animations should not repeat, and require the use of a stop frame. If necessary please code your actionscript with the actionscript stop(); command.  
All timelines must be trimmed to the end of your last frame and not beyond.

Still Images and Photographs
Still Images and photographs should be provided in the following formats.

Pictures should be presented in 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution no less then 1280x720 pixels. Images not in proper aspect ratio will be scaled to 16:9 and will suffer minor distortion due to the images being stretched to fit.

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